FINCALE is always on lookout for partnerships that would enhance the value-delivery system to it’s Customers. The various types of partnership opportunities that are being offered by FINCALE currently are as below:

Channel Partner : These are value-added resellers of FINCALE and are responsible for training, implementation and support to the clients. An ideal FINCALE Channel Partner would be one having knowledge in IT as well as Accounts & Finance.

Solution Partner : These are responsible for extending the functionality of FINCALE software by developing customized reports, data entry screens and/or add-ons around FINCALE. An ideal FINCALE Solution Partner would be a software development organisation.

Product Partner : These are the software development organisations who are using either FINCALE Financial Engine or any component of it in their software (product or customised software solution).

OEM Partner : These are the organisations who bundle FINCALE software or any variant of it alongwith their products. These are typically PC Mfrs. or System Integrators who want to offer complete solution to their clients. This option, though, is open to mfrs. of other streams too.

Education Partner :  These are the organisations offering FCA (FINCALE Certified Accountant) course. These organisations are typically the coaching institutes offering short to medium term courses in computers and/or accounts.